Sex Money Media

“[A]n astoundingly diverse and powerful group of women—with high-ranking representatives from industry, finance, unions, the national government, technology, academia, the arts, and non-profits—joined for two days, with the primary goal of making sense of (and providing action items towards changing) the shockingly regressive rates of women’s participation in, and representation through, media.” – Alexandra Juhasz (Pitzer College, California)

SexMoneyMedia is the bi-annual symposium held by Women in View to celebrate and explore the status of women in screen based media.

Our 2010 event took place in Vancouver, BC and was a smash success. Over 80 local and international speakers attended representing academia, government, the arts, and business.  Their research and collaboration spawned several recommendations that Women in View is in the process of pursuing now.

SexMoneyMedia 2010 – Event Program

SexMoneyMedia Conference Report.

SexMoneyMedia Research Primer.

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